Should I Hire App Developers from India for my Software company or to build my new Startup App ?

It depends!

It really depends!

We have written about this before: How to hire a team for your software development company for your needs.

So depending on your budget, strategy and time constraints, you will pick the appropriate team.

Hiring from India is a great option, if you find a great team, because a great team is a great team anywhere! Hiring Developers from India comes with an obvious advantage of cost savings.

Let’s say you are a small startup who raised $50k-$500k at the seed stage. Depending on how much capital you want to raise or you can raise, you will usually build your initial team. If you raised only $50k it makes more sense to hire a good team from India, which gives you time to either get Customers that can pay or get investors who buy your business idea.

Hiring a team from India is easier said than done though! Many indian developers who work for startups are starting their own agencies with 8-10 people and offer all kinds of services, ranging from Building your MVP for $20k to “growth hacking”.  Many of these developers or developers you will get to speak to have NO REAL IDEA of LAUNCHING real applications to potential users. Most of the apps and applications they have worked on are not used by anyone (they are defunct). A lot of Indian Developers also think Development is the main function of a software business, they will rarely understand that software is just an Enabler to your business.

And then, you will find most of them don’t even know how to launch an APP for US, Europe Audiences. Most of them can’t even build a world class App, using widely known standards for building, developing and maintaining applications. Managing those developers can be a real pain. If you find smaller firms, they are unreliable, and if you hire bigger firms, then they look at you like another project. If you are hiring a team, your best bet should be to hire a firm with 30-40 people. Such a team size is big yet small and you will always get the perfect mix of hacking + process. But sadly, most team sizes are either very big or very small in India.

I will talk about some of the various Outsourcing Models for Software Development that are used in the industry since a decade (in the next post), but let’s assume for this post, that you are looking to start a company here and trying to decide if I should hire dev team from India or locally, then you have to answer few questions which will decide whether you want them in India or locally:

  1. Am I bootstrapping my business? ==Most probably use India
  2. Am I tight on Cash ? === Most probably use India
  3. Is my business Customer Support heavy? == Use India to build software and use Support in U.S
  4. I m a big company, can I still use developers in India? = =Yes, hiring in U.S is not easier, it’s harder. So you might want to set up an offshore location to Augment your current dev team or to develop new projects using the offshore team.
  5. Am I a business that runs mission critical apps that can’t be down for more than an hour? ==Use a mixed approach, hire in India and in U.S)
  6. Am I a business that needs to solve Customer problems 24/7 ? == Again, use a hybrid Approach.
  7. Do I want to launch an app in the App Store and see my idea works? == Hire a great team who can build your MVP in 2-3 months and Validate your idea.
  8. Do I need lot of data entry in my operation? Again, use India.
  9. Do I need research and development? == depending on the kind of research and development, you can offshore skills you think are hard to find locally and hire market research, user and product research teams locally.

There are many other such questions you should ask yourself before thinking whether you should hire a team from India.

Appmakery uses a Hybrid Approach, with Product, User Research, Strategy, and development resources in San Diego, Las Vegas as well as in Beautiful South Indian Coast of Cochin, India.

Hope your business is doing great, it’s never too late to call us, Appmakery is a call or an Email away

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