Public Cloud is now the new norm for Enterprise Software Development – What are some of the challenges?

So are you a Big Enterprise looking to exploit Cloud (to service, innovate and grow your business?)


AppMakery understands the Sensitivity as well as the challenges involved in it:

Challenges of Enterprise Migration to Cloud
Appmakery For Enterprise Migration


1) Data Migration : Data is critical, migrating Data is one of the biggest challenges for Enterprises, esp in mission critical applications, healthcare data with stringent requirements as well as other SAAS businesses that highly depend on access to all of the data.

It is important to come up with the right process to migrate data, time the migration properly so that there is minimal or 0 % downtime for the customers. Appmakery has migrated dozens of Enterprises achieve this without disturbing their SAAS business and millions of dollars of revenue.

2) Lack of Cloud Trained Personnel: Businesses without IT as core competency can find Cloud a little intimidating at the beginning. Such fears are mitigated to some extent now as most of the Cloud PAAS and IAAS are now sold by AWS and Google Cloud and others. So good engineering can usually take care of most of the things needed to support your business applications.

Appmakery has core team who has been working with cloud since the inception of cloud and understands the nuances and technicalities Enterprises have to deal with when moving to the Cloud.

3. Application Migration Application migration can be a very complex process depending on the current architecture of the application, the stack in the new environment, availability of engineers, training existing engineers and operations, immediate goals of organization, and other such factors. It is important to again come up with a good process and timeline that can satisfy all the criteria set by the business strategy.

4. On-Premises + Cloud (What Where?) : Most Enterprises like to first test waters by deploying their new applications on the cloud or by picking few operations that will work on Cloud (for e.g. backup, hotswap etc). It requires deep domain knowledge of various Enterprise components and architectures to make decisions about what should be on-promise, what should be on the cloud, what should be first put the on the cloud, how to then later bring other components in an orchestrated fashion without disrupting daily business or overall business strategy!

5. Lack of Tools to get clear view on Ops (Onpremise + Cloud): This is where APM software are coming to the rescue. Tools like New Relic, Appdynamics, DataDog etc allow Engineers and management teams to monitor the entire data across the board to make smart technical and business decisions on time.

If you are an Enterprise Business thinking about moving to the Cloud or taking full advantage of the Cloud, Appmakery is here to help. Talk to our Enterprise Architect Consultant by emailing him at [email protected]


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