The world of Artificial Intelligence and Google’s new Study

Recently Google blogged about why AI is important for the society and why diverse group of people are needed to make a good AI that works for the society.

Some highlights from the study…

1. Having diversity in people who are building technology ensures that technology is used for the good of humanity. Having the technology in the hands of few people can be dangerous, it will lead to even more inequality in the society. Imagine if Google could be used by only few people? That’s crazy power in the hands of few people

2. Data has to be Transparent.  In the world of DATA, few companies own data. But, Google and other companies have made some effort in this direction by releasing the data to the public. After all, all of us made Google and Microsoft possible! We have right over that data. Once we know we all the same rules, we make the data move in the right direction.



3. Machine learning Systems have to be Explainable. Everyone needs to be able to understand what system does and why through simple models. Afterall, humans are complex beings! We know ourselves only so well, but that’s why Machine learning is interesting, it’s predictable and we want to make sure it stays that way for our betterment.

4. AI tools are going to explode and pretty soon everyone will be able to use tools to create applications (just like we use codeignitor or YII php frameworks right now).

5. Machine learning and AI are different! Machine learning is predictable, but AI is concerned with learning and mimicking humans (which is less predictable and can be dangerous, even though safety in AI is taken seriously by many people)

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