How do you Selectively Launch Features for your SAAS APP?

So if you are a SAAS company with Millions, Thousands or even 100’s of Customers, how do you selectively launch certain features to certain segments and verticals of your customers?


appmakery how to launch features selectively

You might have noticed how Google tests new features by selecting regions of customers or customers who are Google Apps Customers, or based on Nationality or Interests, how does Google do that?

At a very basic level it’s just a IF ELSE loop doing the job in our code. If (Customer criteria == Successful) then {    launch this feature for the customer ()   }  These IF ELSE loops work ok at the beginning or if your app is really basic and you don’t want to segment too deeply. But as soon as your app becomes big and you want to launch features one by one selectively, then you have to go for a scalable solution such as Launch Darkly.

launch darkly with Appmakery
Launch your features like a dance move!

The concept of “tagging” your feature is called Feature Tagging, which when implemented with a dashboard interface, can give power to the Product and Exec teams to hold, Go or Pause a feature. If you are a SAAS company that depends heavily on launch strategy, then you have to go for a full fledged solution that easily lets you control the features that are launched for particular set of users.

What are some of the benefits of launching your features like this?

  • You can Audit who launched what and when, keeping full control over your apps from a Dashboard
  • You can decide roles about who can launch what on your team. Reward your Tech Teams by letting them turn the switch on and off
  • Gradually release users to 10’s then 100’s then 1000’s and eventually 100’s and thousands and millions of users
  • Reduce risk of launching features and disappointing your users
  • As I say, there should always be a forget button option on any feature that any company develops. Let’s not forget only 20% of the features bring the 80% value out of any app
  • It makes continuous Integration much smoother since you know when and where you are pushing things into production and release mode.

What would be awesome is if AWS buys launchdarkly and then provides feature tagging as a service through AWS cloud! Any idea when that is happening? 🙂

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