10 Part Series on Product Management, Experiences working for Small to Medium Sized Startups

The reason I like to write is, it makes me think about things properly and so that I can remember what I want to learn and share with others at the same time.

The reason I am writing this product management blog series, is to remind myself of these things all the time, as well as learn new ideas from other people who are doing similar things.

So let’s jump into it! Instead of looking at Product Management as a step by step ladder to get to the final destination, let’s instead try to frame questions that Product Management Team should be able to Answer, no matter what the size of the company.


product managers Q and A
product manager questions and answers
  1. What is Product Market Fit or MVP?
  2. Does one of the co-founders need to be a product manager
  3. How can I really be Agile instead of ending up being a different kind of WaterFall?
  4. Is it Product Managers job to drive strategy? Do they really own the Product?
  5. How to experiment and discover product ideas? Does domain have anything to do with it? How to embrace unpredictability ?
  6. Do you do Product Management for failures in Automation? What about the beginning stages of an AI startup? How to create a roadmap that balances both?
  7. Does Positioning drive the product sometimes? What about Demand?
  8. What you should absolutely know as a Product Manager if you come from a Non Technical Background
  9. How to earn respect from other teams by doing the home work?
  10. What is your Product Process?

Catch you soon with the first post about the famous question, yes sir, MVP!

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