Slicing and Dicing data:


Essentially means being able to look at your data in various ways and get insights from it. For e.g. you can answer questions about your Employees such as “How many happy clients does Ajay have in London who are also startups?”

This is nothing revolutionary, such questions were ready to be accessed by product managers, business analysts who used complex queries and views and stored procedures to answer these questions (which later became business intelligence tools).

What is new is though that businesses have started acting upon the data, creating new datasets which enable us to ask questions about our customers that we before didn’t. For e.g. “Can we create a new vertical product for our customers in U.S region?” “How long should we hold off on Product X or not enter Region Y?”

So can you slice and dice data in Excel? That is another area where industry has come far! We don’t need technical experts to perform these experiments and various analytical tools give you ability to perform pretty complex visualizations without being able to write SQL queries.

If you are a startup looking to develop an app for your next hit idea, it’s important to look at all the available market data and get insights from it. For e.g. if you are about to develop a Cloud based Digital marketing software for Small businesses, it’s very useful to know how many business owners in what category spend how much on online advertising and what percentage of them have less than 5 employees (since that increases your chances of reaching them). If you have any questions about Slicing and Dicing Data, how it can help your new Established startup innovate and dominate the market, then don’t hesitate to say [email protected] .

If you are an Enterprise in business since a long time with huge amounts of customer data, then you are probably missing out on new business opportunities, Innovation, Improvement. Speak to the Chief Data Consultant Online from 9 am to 5pm PST for a quick analysis of your needs.

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