How to find out what customers want in your web/mobile application?

Most people would say use Analytics tools such as MixPanel, GA, Heap or other such SAAS applications to slice and dice your data and learn about customers…….


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Yet, most tech companies can’t argue the importance of direct customer feedback in building products. In fact, getting out of the building is as important, after building the product and launching it to customers, as it is before launching the product.

Yet, most companies rely on too much of Analytics data to know about their customers (one can argue they do a good job of it).

But why can’t we just ask the customers: “How fast is the search on the site?”

“How can we improve “x” in the app?”

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QnA Tool for product managers

What if we can deploy conversational feedback mechanisms by always starting with answers first and asking users to just click on answers rather than consume their time asking them to think about their feedback?

Welcome to a new product management software we are building specifically for product managers to get closer to their customers for building the right customer experiences.

We can’t disclose much more here, but we are about to launch a closed beta and our 1st enterprise customer in 2017 August!

This is what makes Appmakery different than other web development agenices. Agencies can never do justice to your startup. Even after you have done the hard part of raising the money for your startup, you need the right partners and teams on your startup idea. If your team is working on more than 2 projects at a time (which is normal for anyone), then your project, your company is becoming a number and will ultimately fail.

Talk to our Consultants, it’s free, we are actually people who will care about you and we love helping people. We will happy to refer you the right teams, even if it’s not our team.

Cheers to that and Happy Friday to the people of this world

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