Our New Website Desktop and Mobile Speed Score from Google

Just for record: website, web app and Mobile app speeds are probably the No 1 factor for ranking sites and for user friendly experiences…….

Although, Google seems to forgive websites that have been around for a long time, it’s almost impossible for new websites to rank very well without their websites loading really fast.


So I decided to post, our new website speed results on the website, and go back and improve them. We will post the results again once we have worked on some of the recommendations from Google. You can also obtain your results from official Google Tool for testing your website speed on Desktop and Mobile.

Appmakery Mobile Frindliness Report – Google
I guess User Friendliness is good to have!
Fair report for desktop
This is not bad either, I can tell our website home page image background must be causing the website to load slowly. Also, a quick console check shows there are some css errors , they can compressed and some front end javascript can also be loaded later.
Overall Report for Website Speed for Appmakery App development Company
But this is the overall report and look at the mobile report! That’s really bad loading speed for Mobile loading. 58/100? I just checked some of the sites we have made for our startups, none of them are this poor. That’s ok, we can fix this pretty quickly I assume, afterall we just launched our site after 2-3 years gap (we were very busy working on startups and we stopped taking consulting clients for about 2 years).

I have a little secret to tell. Speed is probably ALWAYs among the Top 5 factors to get your website ranked high in the Google Serps as fast as Possible. Check out the AMP Project.

If you are a SEO company, you should definitely take advantage of website speeds for all your clients.

Happy Friday People! My IT folks must empathize with me, from specs to usecases to flowcharts to wireframing to Roadmaps to Code to Content and Launches, our lives are spent on websites. Speed is probably the no 1 factor for all us, because we don’t want to finish 2 hours work in 6 hours (because our websites load slowly). Anyways, you folks have a great weekend, we will catch you on Monday for some more app development tips from San Diego!

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