How is Appmakery development different than other Top development companies in San Diego

1. Appmakery was founded in 2011 after the founder had a successful experience of building a startup. Most top companies have on average 6-8 years or experience. But our team has members who are working in IT since 1990’s


2. Appmakery is a smaller team compared to some of the other Top companies,  Although both are based out of downtown San Diego area.

3. Appmakery tends to work with a lot of startups with a few enterprises being an exception. Most of the other companies seem to focus on both.


old logo design appmakery

4. Both companies seem to work with the latest tech stacks with pretty big projects under their belt. But Other companies are definitely the big fish with more experience. Although, appmakery is slowly growing, adding more stellar people to its team (recently a data scientist has joined appmakery as a NLP expert to develop AI solutions for Enterprise clients

5. Most Appmakery developers, designers, data, and product teams are scattered across the globe. We operate in 5 different time zones, serving customers 24/7 (monitoring each application 24/7). Although majority of our team is in California and India.

6. So which is a better company? Other companies or Appmakery? It really depends on your business needs, I am sure they both can help you, but picking one company over the other comes down to business goals, your budget, what exactly the companies are comfortable with etc.

If you are a startup visiting San Diego, don’t forget to say hi, beer is on us in downtown San Diego!

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