What is Agnostic Branding? Can we apply this to our web development business?

Yes! Branding yourself in a way that you put users at the center and forget about yourself is called Agnostic branding (or may be I am just making this up 🙂

But really, most of our users are looking for information or a vendor who can provide the services they need.  Once a user visits a web development site, we shouldn’t boast about how awesome we are and instead brand ourselves to give him/her the information they REALLY need (and that’s what I mean by putting the users at the center).

You don’t necessarily have to do this, it’s just a thing that many big brands are experimenting with and we at appmakery like it too. For an average visitor who visits our site, you probably won’t even be able to spot our logo or get a sense of our logo even after browsing our entire site. We could have designed our logo, in fact, we were about to rebrand the entire site to make it something more “cool” with a different name.  We even came up with the name called Local Whisper and started created branding material with it.  The idea was that we wanted to be the “whisper of the town” esp in App development business. But, we threw it out of the window and decided to go for “Brand Agnostic” Approach.


appmakery redesign idea
appmakery redesign idea

We don’t care about ourselves now. We care about the products we build though, that’s why we spray around product logos, videos of products we have created all over our branding material. We want someone who visits the site to think of our site as a collection of ideas and how we are applying technology to bring some of those ideas to life.

We will see if this works for us and I will do a follow up post in future discussing the results of this kind of branding. What are some of the other ideas that you are exploring while branding your app development business?

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