Why an Average Web Development company does more bad than good?

let’s get straight into it…


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1.Good development needs an understanding of the business and a commitment to make the business work.


It’s easier said than done!  Making a good MVP without hiring the right team who understands your business can finish your business before it even starts.

That’s why great startups are usually built by the founders themselves. If you are a non Tech founder, you at least need to do everything else except the programming part, if not, you should be out in the field selling!

 Most web development firms have no clue about the business, even if they think they do. For most of them, you are just a project, roughly $10,000/month out of their 500k/month (50 other clients). You literally are a number. Appmakery advises you to work with smaller teams and teams who don’t do more than 2-4 projects together.

2. Team Combination and size:

A startup typically needs a project manager/product manager/CTO, 2 programmers, 1 UI/UX person at the minimum. Of course not to say 2 people can’t do the whole job, I myself have worked on 2 people teams before. But it quickly becomes 3-4 as soon as you want to do something bigger or quicker.

Mediocre companies can never have this combination. It typically needs people with high domain expertise and ability to understand clients and rapidly changing business needs. It means the team has to stick together for a long time (even if the client halts the projects for few months).


3. They are simply not good enough.


One of my first clients for whom we developed a digital marketing software (here in San Diego) had a large company out of India doing his development work. They had failed him after $150,000 and precious 15 months.  This is a software company with a big building and presence in Hyderabad. Like I said, it doesn’t matter how big or how famous the company is, in fact the bigger it is, your startup/project is just a number.


4. They take your good idea and make it seem like bad and your business fails.


Average dev companies actually do more harm because they make it seem like your business is hard, they fail to provide you with the competitive edge you deserve. You lose the most precious commodity on the plant = TIME. Your investors, partners, friendly, family, everyone loses faith in you because you failed at your startup. So yes, the effects are more than just a bunch of code that doesn’t work the way it should or doesn’t look and feel the way it should.


So what is so special about us?

Nothing, we were in your position, building from scratch and a few of us go lucky to be involved in a few successful businesses. We are still building our startups, this is just what we like do and we would be lying if we said everyone wants to make a handsome living.


What’s our style of work?


This is how we work described by one of our favorite heroes and company Basecamp.

Our founder is apparently a big fan of Jason, who very humbly offered to advise (if needed) our new startup faq dog.


Enough said, let’s get to work!

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