Mobile first or Web first ? A simple guide for a non Techie

App or Web first? or Bot first?

It’s really simple, your product strategy should define the kind of users you must target. If the target users are dwelling on mobile more, craving the emotional experience you want to deliver them, then go Mobile first (I am assuming you are starting from scratch). For e.g. Snapchat is purely a Mobile product, because their users are glued to their phones (I can vouch for it 🙂


But a Cloud based photoshop or GoogleDocs or prototying types of software have to be Web-First because it’s easier to use such apps on Desktop (even though Google has clearly made a full effort to make entire Drive Mobile-first.


We see a lot of startups instantly wanting to build their web and mobile platforms because they don’t want to “miss out” on any users, but most will tell you they would have been better off focusing on one platform first.


So is there a rule of thumb?  YES!

1) If it’s a business app, go for web first most of the times (but this is not 100% fool proof)

2) If it’s a complex consumer app, most probably Mobile first might be a better approach these days.

3) If your users are primarily dwelling on messengers, go for a bot first approach!


Is it possible to become mobile first once you are web first? Answer : YES

It’s really hard to become mobile first when you primarily started as a web platform, although many companies have successfully adapted themselves to become mobile first (Google, Amazon, Zappos etc and many smaller companies such as, etc are also transforming themselves)


So how should you pick you tech stacks so to support your Web first, Mobile first or Hybrid Strategy? You start asking should the app be native? Can I use React Native?

Since this post is already too long, we will tackle that question in another post? Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all of you. Keep rocking those apps and don’t forget to say Hi if you feel like talking.

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