What is the Appmakery process for developing startups/ tech companies?

  1. We learn everything about your business. We use existing industry standard practices to document everything about your business by interviewing you, your potential customers. We literally enter your and your customers shoes. We come up with crystal clear business goals for you!
  2. We work with you to give you feedbacks on your business strategy and come up with a product strategy
  3. We work with you to develop detailed user stories, problems and solutions lists and then refine it to come up with a product roadmap (with a feasibility analysis, for e.g. which API’s to pick, can we implement certain feature on time? What are ways around it?)
  4. We then come up with an MVP roadmap (typically 3-6 months plan) and work with you to a cost benefit analysis for the MVP.
  5. We start prototyping your idea, beginning with wireframing, UI and UX. We take your feedback at every step to make sure we are going in the right direction.
  6. Once we know what a working model is going to look like, we start coding and implementing the plan. We pick a certain technology for every project, and not fit everything into a standard stack! php/mysql for example (php is still the best language by the way because of it’s popularity). We also use code review tools from the beginning to ensure coding standards.  The entire description of software development process will be covered in another post in future (promise pretty soon 🙂
  7. We then do an internal release and come up with User Acceptance criteria while continuously bug fixing, enhancing, building new features
  8. We work with you to come up with a product marketing plan and a product launch plan
  9. We launch your app/product and hope for the best? lol, no, we help you implement your product marketing plan, establish KPI’s, measure them and constantly adapt your product to deliver the business goals.

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