Classical mistake of hiring CEO’s and other specific people before getting the MVP out and testing the market!

Obviously people do this. They think they know it all because they have worked in big companies and they have seen companies do that. Thing is these people don’t really know what it’s like to work at a startup. These kind of founders think that they will first get the product built by hiring developers, then they will hire marketing specialists, then manager, then CEO and then they will be a great company!

I was recently talking to a startup founder who was so adamant that he has to hire the right CEO and was drilling me with marketing hypothetical marketing questions (for e.g. do you think adoption of feature will lead to adoption of feature B?), when he didn’t have demo to show me, no users, no customers (and his  company is on the last wheels).

I told him I have a small team of people and we help startups at this stage launch with minimum burn and get them to a stage where they can raise money or at least know their idea is worth it! But the founder kept on asking me what my one special skill. Mind you, I am not questioning his intentions, may be he means the best for his company, but this is a sad reality that this is yet another classical mistake by a founder.

To keep it simple, hire GENERALISTS in the beginning phase of your startups. People who are capable of handling multiple jobs, who will value overall goals more than get bogged down by specific parts. As your product has more users and you become a company, make way for specialists. This is a very standard approach, yet, many startups fail to realize this! Are you a startup looking for some dogs on your team? Appmakery is here to help

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