What is the difference between a startup Incubator and Accelerator?

Incubator helps you from “Point Zero” to “Point Revenue” (like say 10-30k/month or sometimes say 10k users). Accelerator helps you get from 30k/month to Max revenue possible (because they have done it before so they know all the pains of “product to company” stage. If you have started and failed before, you probably should look into these things.

I have seen incubators who don’t really know what they are doing because they lack a team that has worked on projects together from beginning to the exit. There are simply too many skills one needs to bring to the table to be able to help startups. From strategy to programming to UI to product positioning, placement…everything needs to be thought of and be executed. Incubators who are running their company like an Agency/Boutique will never do justice to your startup – you would rather just hire a strong programming team from India/Ukaraine or other such outsourcing centers (you will at least have more money

Appmakery is a new kind of startup incubator where tech people can share ideas and execute them together. Appmakery is backed by a world class team who have worked together for a long time. We will also be launching our newsletter soon for a daily dose of local startup seen, projects, cool design links, industry news (I know techcrunch is there, we will cover more local stuff!)

We do realize that some people just have great ideas, and they might want to monetize ideas (and do nothing else). So even an idea counts on our site. You can get 1% of equity when your idea is picked up by a team and the idea becomes a company and so on…

We will be starting with San Diego and soon expanding to major cities such as Los Angeles, London to begin with. Concept is simple, add your project and see if you can attract other people to join you on your project (provided you bring 1 of the key skills).

We have a team spread across many time zones,  someone on our team is ready to respond 24/7. Such is the nature of web business. Ownership of projects is as important to us as it is to you. We realize ownership is a “DNA thing” – it can’t be taught. Why are we like this? Because we like what we do, to a point where we don’t ever “halfass” the projects, regardless of their nature (an Ecommerce project is taken as seriously by us as an AI project).

That’s why we pick and choose our projects, we want to know we will working on a project for a while (minimum 6 months, because we believe great things are not built in few days 🙂

If you are looking for a web development partner who can launch your startup in the most efficient way, we would like to help you!

drop in a line at [email protected]

or find us at appmakery.com

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