Accepting that you went wrong in MVP – yes after 2 years!

We all make mistakes in life, in startups early mistakes can mean end of business. We all have been there. You know we have made the mistake of going for “enterprise customers”, we also come up with an MVP and justify all the hard work done by us. We were on top of the world 2 years ago and we knew we just can’t go wrong, after all, we did the market research, right?

But as it goes, MVP’s are tricky and in startup world, MVP’s can make or break the game! If you watch Cricket, MVP is like powerplay 1 of a One Day Match. It is extremely hard to come up with a set of screens you think users will find so useful that they keep using your app.  And once we have the app and their is some adoption, it is really hard not to fall in love with your own App. First 10 users of your app DON’t define what you are as an app and a company! So we know we will iterate and we will get it done later!

We see this all the time. Startup gets funding, they detail their ideas, they pick a development team to start hacking, the startup works on roadmaps and forming relationships with customers (in the meantime) and once it’s launch time- BOOM! There is no product! There are not enough users to test, there is no “launch”. The CEO thinks to himself, we are 80% there, why can’t we get this rest of the 20 right? Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. You might think you have got the 80% right, but you haven’t (be it vision, implementation, whatever)
  2.  The 20% will never arrive because making a world class application and finishing it is done by select few great teams in this world (rest are working for the world class companies).
  3. Most people think they lack some particular skill set in their team (coding, UI, prototyping, copywriting…etc). It’s not their fault, if you want a blazing app, you should get a supercoder to dive into your code right? No! First, nobody wants to mess with your code that doesn’t work. 2nd, Supercoder is supercoder for a reason, he will start from scratch if overall design is wrong! 3rd and most important, startups need people who can get them from point A to point B.  That’s exactly the reason small team of extremely talented people who have “finished” products before are the best choices for startups!  Point A = “Not having an MVP” Point B =”Product and Users”
  4. Sometimes you have to give up what you love (the 80%) and start from scratch, but most people don’t (till the end)

Ok, so long story short, get your MVP right! If it means you have to scratch it all and start again. Pick a new team, get the ball rolling. Don’t make the classical mistake. Don’t think you need a CEO to jumpstart your business. Get an MVP and get on the phone! We can build your MVP if you need help, call us.

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