SAAS market 2016 around $38bn according to first Quarter

Saas Continues to dominate and new support players are entering the market. AWS is still a clear leader in PAAS IAAS and will be continue to be a leader for a while, but it’s interesting to note that several niche players have started to gain pace in some vertical markets (such as banking, education..).  GE’s Predix platform is entering the IOT offering, an offering that Microsoft and Amazon have recognized also.

Google is challenging the cloud market also. Google tempts me with free credits and migration support to write my next app on Google’s Cloud. Google is launching tools across Machine learning, Analytics,  Security, Multicloud Management and Networking. AWS security features are fast becoming developers favorite, now everyone has their ssl using Amazon’s free CloudFlare. AWS continues to know the pulse of the developers and needs of the market and knows exactly how to keep exciting the users!

Developers are more then just “coders” in a business, at least in successful startup businesses. Developers now buy stuff. For e.g. I have right now my credit card with couple of data providers, Google, yelp API and so on. My company’s Amazon bill is around $1000/month because I run around 20 different projects on it for various functions. That’s a huge shift from before, when only IT and other departments had that kind of purchasing power. Now every company is becoming a software company also at the same time. My brazilian friend who delivers food and my car wash guy also want to offer their products/services through software– A.K.A they all want to be in the software business.

So what would be your go-to market plan if you are a SAAS/PAAS provider who wants to provide developers with the best management solution to start and deploy applications? How will a web application creator change the market space? This is getting really interesting and we will keeping an eye on this space!


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