Factual.com drives Customer service through messaging in a $4Bn market to be fixed.

Entire industry is open! Pick any vertical – communication between businesses and customers is broken. Customer feedback drives business, customer service is half the business. Most tech companies after a lot of hit and trial have realized this. The future of customer service is personal and conversational, whether it’s pre-sales or after-sales. It’s not about the fact that you speak perfect English or Spanish — what matters more is whether customer feels that he’s cared for.

So, can you build me a robot that takes the pain out of shopping and customer service? How about starting with a particular industry? What are some of the ways in which we can improve communication between businesses and customers?

Factual makes location data accessible through easy API’s. In addition, Factual provides Geo-Audience (for custom mobile audience) and Geopulse Proximity ( for accurate Geo Fencing). Now developers can build amazing location aware bots to solve needs of specific group of people. We are talking about endless combinations of data and behaviours!

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