Some Food – Literally – For Thought

Because if you don’t eat well, there will be noise in the thoughts and if there is noise in thoughts, then it doesn’t work lol. So, start eating well, it’s a big part of being in a starting up!

to BEAT COLD or any disease in general – I have only 1 secret medicine = boil water in GINGER and drink with RAW honey (from farmers market or some stores carry local honey). It simply works.

more tips (from what I have learnt in past 1 year):

1) Eat TURMERIC everyday

2) Add SPICES to your life

3) Stick to RAW VEGETABLES (eat different colors). Do not count calories. Eat good fats (you will still lose fat). (nuts, pure chocolate avocado fish etc). I don’t want to see another day without my baby eating few carrots, spinach, kale / any 2 raw veggies everyday.

4) WORK out 4-5 times a week () If you are starting out, don’t worry much about too many details (like should I work out morning evening, protein etc bs), just go and f*** the IRON. (get a trainer or ask gym dudes in the gym– you will be surprised they don’t bite lol)

5) Coffee is ok!

6) Drink the ginger honey everyday (cut honey if you have insulin issues)

7) Eat less, fast for a day. I am lazy so I don’t eat 1 day of the week (you can even work out on it, you will be surprised how much stored energy we have)

8) Eat more turmeric after a night of DRINKING ALCOHOL (japanese people do this)

9) Do not TOUCH SUGAR (except for 1 day of the week if you really have to)

10) Get at least some SUPPLEMENT to make sure you are not deficient of something crucial

11) EXPERIMENT with your food, see how you feel, EVERY F***in person is different, we have to make our journey in the mind and in the body….for e.g. I have ditched dairy for the most part…

12) Get a HOBBY for christ’s sake = I promise it will make you more healthy in the mind and hence the body…for e.g. learn to dance.

13) Practice being HAPPY, and like my friend says, eat chip by chip (if you are eating chips), make every f***in day count!

14) All the REDUCTIONIST CRAP is ok, but it seems there is so much more to life than how we see it right now- I am excited for our grand kids and future generations—- I am not saying science is not real, I am just saying it’s stuck!
POINT BEING – Don’t take shit too seriously and have a sense of humor.

Even computer programmers know there is more than math to it smile emoticon When will doctors agree? lol

15) Share what you learn and put it out there (at least sometimes)

Namaste, I love life and all you beautiful people in this life

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