Smart Advertising with Factual

Smart Advertising (SMAD) is about making people’s life easier. Smart Advertising (SMAD) Makes brands save money, it gives publishers better income, It makes our life easy because we can now spend this time spent in searching and sorting products towards quality time with family.

Predict when shoppers are in the path-to-purchase You start with the freshest location data, gathered from 1st-party apps with the accuracy of mobile sensors, and the precision, down to a few feet, of beacons.

Compare campaigns from different companies and see which one does better. Also see which campaign performs better when, find out deep rooted trends and save countless strategy time.


What do we do under the hood?


  • Data Management Platforms (DMP)
  • Demand-Side Platforms (DSP)
  • Audience-Targeting Platforms
  • Remarketing Platforms
  • Dynamic Ad-Serving Technology
  • Data Measurement and Analytics Platforms
  • Other Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and Programmatic Ecosystem Components

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