The Only All-in-One Technology Solution for Small Businesses. Don’t overpay for digital marketing, web design and other services, get more for less from a software company

Over the last 7 years, we have developed over 50 web, IOS and Android apps for our customers, which helped over 100,000 small businesses get success online.


We Don’t Build Applications, We Build Relationships with Companies to Deliver Business Goals


Web Design, Digital Marketing and Product Studio

All the way from Business Strategy, Design thinking, User Research, Solution Mapping, Prototyping to Finished Product Launch, Appmakery will support you throughout the lifecycle of your business

We work for your business goal, not for time, not for lines of code or to get our next check! And that’s why we first understand your business completely to see if we are a good fit.  We like building awesome companies.

We keep User Experience at the core of our business and your business! That leads to building great products, which leads to you reaching the best customers and holding an edge over your Competitors

One stop online shop?

So whether you need an SEO Company, Online Reviews, CRM, Domains, Websites, Reputation management, get it all in one place!  Very few businesses last for  7 years, and there is a reason we are still in business! We build and use apps for you, that’s why we are called Appmakery!

Don’t hire sales teams, hire a team of programmers, product managers, digital marketers and more. Every business gets personal attention from our founder who has worked for companies such as IBM and we have had Microsoft as our customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What is All – in – ONE ? Are you the only one

All in One as in only solution that provides everything from website, to seo, to crm to payment solutions and new apps with the ever changing technology landscape.

2)  So if tomorrow if Google doesn’t exist or anything happens, you guys will still figure it out?

Exactly! In the end, businesses will exist for a long time and we all will find each other one way or the other (at least until we become robots 🙂 because Appmakery doesn’t rely on any single company or ecosystem, and we are a team of engineers, we will figure out what your business will need and help you use that technology.

3) What else do I need besides SEO? Do I really need anything else?

Google My business, Local SEO, Content Marketing, Online Reviews, Chatbots, Social Media Management, Press, Branding Material, Email and Text Marketing are some of the services provided by us.

4) I started losing ranking on some keywords, why is that?

5) My Yelp Reviews are being filtered, is there any solution to this?

6) How can I get more reviews on Google my business, is that going to contribute to my local rankings?

7) I am already using Yext, or similar service. Do I still need someone else?

8) Are your prices more or less than other companies?

9) What kind of businesses do you work with?

10) What is the typical return in investment ?

11) Do I have to pay for the website separately? What if I want a new website or I want to add pages?

12) Why are you called Appmakery? 

We are a bunch of app developers, we all have been building systems together since 2006. Our company built a lot of apps for different businesses and startups. During that time, we have worked on a lot of digital marketing and small business software. Comes 2018, we decided to get into the business because small businesses lack a quality company that will back them with technology. And that’s why we have made the service so affordable, that pretty much anyone can afford it and you can pretty much forget about Tech from that point.

Everything on the web you see is an app. We make apps and use it for our business and for other businesses such as yours. For e.g website builder, marketing automation software, process automation software etc. We use open source code which we can have rights for forever (instead of depending on a company that might go out of business)

13)  How long does it take for my business to Rank No 1 for All Keywords on Google?

If someone told you an exact answer to this, they would be lying! But generally, depending on your business health (online), it can take anywhere from 3-6 for some keywords, and increments of 6 months for high competition keywords. It is definitely possible to beat any company at seo, yes you heard us! You can compete for literally any keyword and start getting traffic for those keywords. It takes time, organic effort and a really quality campaign to make that happen!


14) Is there a guarantee? What if I don’t rank after 1 year?

15)  What if I have multiple locations?

 16) How many reviews will my business get each month?

17) Will I get all the 10 services every month?

18) How many people are working on my account?

19) Do i pay for hosting ?


Appmakery Design Process Why Appmakery is different from just another web development firm?

We really care about the success of your tech venture, and that's why we know the importance of spending time studying your business goals and really understand what is possible and what is not!
We want to build web products which are loved by users. That is the key principle we use while building the apps for you. Every single touch point of your customers are studied carefully to design desirable experiences!
In the end, the goal of making technology is to make it accessible to users. User friendliness is a science and we live and breath user friendly apps. We help you execute your product marketing plan, study users, engagements, adoption and other such factors to make it continuously more accessible to users.

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